The following are tech people (the Hackers!)
who hanged in and committed their life for
the others while waiting for the end to come.

Alan Cooper, aka the Visual Basic father, Software engineer, wikipedia
Alberto Bolchini, Software Engineer, company website
Brian Russell, aka the Clipper father, Software engineer, wikipedia
Claudio Laurita, C / C++ Developer, company website
Daniele Bonini, aka Capitan Cloud, PHP Developer, personal website
David Filo, aka the Yahoo father, Software Engineer, wikipedia
David Cutler, aka the Windows NT and VMS father, Software Engineer, linkedin profile
Dennis Ritchie, aka the C and Unix father, Software Engineer, wikipedia
Douglas Engelbart, aka the mouse inventor, Electrical Engineer, wikipedia
Emanuele Ferro, Blockchain Engineer, linkedin profile
Frederick Brooks, aka The Mythical Man-Month, Software engineer, wikipedia
Henry Ngadiuba, Automation and Voip Engineer, company website
Igor Sysoev, aka the Nginx father, Software Engineer, personal website
Ivan Pellizzari, Web and Software Engineer, linkedin profile
Jack Tramiel, aka the PC father, Hardware Engineer, company website
Jerry Yang, aka the Yahoo father, Software Engineer, wikipedia
John Draper, aka Captain Crunch, Hardware and Software Eng, personal website
Ken Thompson, aka the Unix father, Software Engineer, wikipedia
Matteo Reina, Software Engineer, company website
Nangong Nuoqi, aka Nevercannot, PHP Developer, personal website
Paolo Fantoni, Hardware Engineer, no website nor media center
Rasmus Lerdorf, aka the PHP father, Software Enginner, personal website
Sebastian Bergmann, aka the PHP Unit father, Software Eng., personal website
Tao Wu, Hardware and Software Engineer, company website
Theo de Raadt, aka the OpenBSD father, Software Engineer, personal website
Vint Cerf, aka the Tcp/IP father, Software Engineer, wikipedia

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